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The Better Tracker

Using our app and trackers, if you leave an item behind you will receive an automatic alert on your phone; thereby preventing you from losing or forgetting to take your belongings with you.

Preventing Loss

The way we prevent you from losing your belongings, is by having you create groups of related items. Examples of these groups could be camping, snowboarding, hunting, or even photography. 

Automatic Alerts

With Stack, you will use the app to create a geofence around your home, office, hotel, etc. This is to prevent you from receiving false alerts when you’re within the comfort of your own home. When you are inside of the geofence, you will not receive alerts.

As soon as you step outside of this geofence, the app will immediately start monitoring what items you have with you, and alert you if any items are missing from the group(s) that you have with you.

One-Time Simple Setup

Add the trackers to your gear, Create your group, and our patent-pending method of automatic scanning takes care of the rest


How is this different from other Bluetooth item trackers?

Other Bluetooth item trackers all have a similar problem; they are all reactive and are only useful after you’ve lost your belongings. Even then you have to be close enough to the item you've lost for the Bluetooth connection to help you locate it.

Using our app and trackers, you can now take a proactive approach and automatically monitor whether or not your belongings are with you. When you are leaving an item behind, you will receive an alert on your phone; thereby preventing you from ever losing or forgetting to take your belongings with you!

Will I be alerted about items that I intentionally left home?

NO!   -  No false alerts

Through our proprietary algorithm, our app's patent-pending, intelligent scanning automatically knows which items a you intend to have with you when you leave home. This way, you will only be alerted on the missing items that you truly meant to have with you.

No false alarms - No hassle, period.

So how does it work?

The solution is in grouping related items.

One-Time Setup:

1) You  apply trackers on related items; these related items would consist of things you take with you at the same time, but not take with you at other times.

2) You then create a group in the phone app and place all of the related-item trackers inside that group.

Intelligent Auto Scan:  Using a network of our Bluetooth item trackers, paired with our smartphone app, our Gear Management System automatically scans for items that are part of the group(s) of items that you have nearby, and alerts you of any items that are not within your smartphone's proximity.

What do you mean by "Group of Items"?

A "Group" or "Group of items" is two or more related items or things you take with you at the same time, but not take with you at other times.

Some examples of groups include:    Ski / Snowboarding equipment,  Camping Gear,  Baby Bag / Parenting Essentials,  Computer & Charger, Construction Tools,  and even "Daily Essentials" containing items such as your keys, wallet, backpack / purse, etc.

What about oddly shaped items or items too small for a tracker?

Don't Sweat the small stuff - Rest easy knowing that any sized gear can be managed.

For oddly shaped items, or items that are too small to realistically place a tracker on, we created "Checklist Items".  Within the smartphone app, you may add a new item to any group you choose, and mark it as a Checklist Item. Whenever you take this group with you, you will automatically receive an reminder to not forget that checklist item. Never forget your ski pass or sunglasses again!

Does it have GPS or Crowd-Sourced Location for longer range?

Most Bluetooth trackers have the downfall of not being able to locate lost items that are far away, because they do not use GPS or have a Crowd-Source Locating feature. GPS trackers are costly, bulky, and ultimately unreliable. Crowd source location is good in theory, but in reality the network size required makes this impractical. Don't be sold by these 'snake-oil' sales tactics, let us provide you with a solution that provides real results!

Stack is specifically designed to keep items close to you so that you do not lose or leave behind items to begin with. Because of this, you will never lose items and leave them far far away, therefore never needing the GPS or Crowd locate networks.